Using color and texture L’s Ama’s HeART seeks to open the eyes of viewers hearts to find hope, healing, joy, and peace.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

some words

This space has been silent for some time.  And now?  Here are some words:

Creativity - like human life itself - begins in darkness. ~Julia Cameron 

My beloved child,

I see you close the ears of your heart and open them to messages that leave you feeling small and broken.  The voices of dream stealers and mean girls who drown out my song of grace and Love.  In those times your sweet voice disappears. 

That dark, safe cave you find yourself in may feel safe and quiet.  And it is.  For a moment in time.  Yet soon it will become lonely and the darkness scary.  Unseen monsters shouting to your fears.  The darkness no longer a haven.  Rather a cloying presence that steals joy and covers my whisper to your heart.

When you open the ears of your heart and listen carefully, you can hear me calling you back into the light.  The light of hope.  Of peace.  Of warmth.

In those moments I will remind you again that light is found in color and texture.  In words and shapes.  I will speak through your hands and eyes and together we will give birth to dreams and visions.  It will become art.
The movement and touch will lead you back to your brave place.  That place where dreams soar.  Where possibilities are endless.  Where light banishes the darkness from your path and your heart.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.  ~Thomas Merton

In those moments I will mend your soul just a bit more.  The darkness will recede as I draw you near, teaching you once more that you are Beloved and brave and beautiful.   

Each time we create meet in this way your brave will last a bit longer.  The risks you take will become more daring.  Together we will conquer the dream stealers and mean girls and I will set you free to fly once more. 

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.  ~André Gide

Come soar with me…

The One who Loves you always